Nasty C Plans Retirement After Making $1 Billion

South African rapper,  Nasty C has revealed he will stop making music when he hits $1 billion.

In a recent interview with Sizwe Dhlomo (AMPD Studios), Nasty C talked about quitting music at the age of 35 and moving on to explore the ‘exciting’ sides of life.  When asked by the Interviewer the amount of wealth he would love to acquire before leaving his rap career, he said he would love to have at least a billion dollars to his name.

“I can’t tell you but I have it all figured out. I am going to go to this place that I love, it’s so left, nobody would actually just move there or even retire there, but I am going to retire there. I am open about it, a billion, I want to say dollars. God forbid it doesn’t happen. At 35 I drop all this sh** and I start focusing on something else. So if I am not a billionaire at 35, hopefully, I am in a 100s, in dollars.

I got over that whole ‘who killed who’ on a song thing like a long time ago … when I was still rapping to prove that I can rap … when it was just about that. My approach to music is very different now, so I don’t mind you saying so and so killed me on a song or whatever. I’m all about making people feel things”.

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