Mr. P reacts to getting dragged over his statement on Tribalism and Racism

Nigerian Singer, Mr. P has reacted to getting dragged over a statement he made on the issues of Tribalism, Racism, and Ethnicity.

On the 14th of February, Mr. P took to his Official Twitter page to write on Unity and to caution people he felt were promoting Tribalism.

“I am an Igbo man, married to a Yoruba woman. I grew up in the north, schooled in the north, started my career in North. And today i speak Hausa language fluently. Please this Ethnicity,Tribalism and Racism has to Stop!!! Haba! What is going on?”

His statement caused outrage as people dragged him, some even told him to reconcile with his brother, Paul Okoye or Rudeboy before he starts talking about unity. However, he responded with;

“Must we continue to kill each other before we realize that our Government has failed us? I see some people even bringing my family Issue into the matter! Abeg na Separate we Separate we no kill person! And nobody died! Problem no dey finish. We meouuve!”

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